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“I am so pleased Lisa has written this book to address the dangers of appearance and performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids and unregulated supplements & provide the reader with a wealth of information on healthy alternatives.  Lisa shows you how to live and compete PED free by learning the healthy food-based strategies that are necessary to achieve optimal health and performance in sport and in life.”

Donald Hooton

Jr. Vice President of Education, Taylor Hooton Foundation

“GREAT Book!, Lisa Dorfman “gets” nutrition. I love that her strategies in Legally Lean are science-based, sensible, and user-friendly. Her tips on when and how to use supplements are right on target. I recommend this book to anyone looking to improve performance, or just feel better.”

Tod Cooperman, M.D


“Legally Lean is a must overdue resource for athletes or anyone involved in the development and education of young athletes. This book provides practical and safe guidelines for athletes who are looking to improve their health, performance, and recovery the right way, which is through a balanced diet and safe supplementation” 

Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN

Co-Founder, Sports Dietitian, Director of Sports Nutrition Education – My Sports Dietitian

“Working with Lisa Dorfman has given our athletes the edge to reach peak performance, both safely and ethically. Legally Lean provides everyone the benefit of her knowledge and expertise on clean eating and supplementation. A must read for all developing athletes and parents.”

James Meder, BS, CPT, CSCS

Chief Development Officer, Fast Twitch Training

“Lisa’s book demonstrates not only the facts on PED use with professional athletes; it gives a real life alternative to achieving extraordinary results with the proper diet and nutrition”

Dr Chris Herrera DPT, CSCS

Founder of Jaguar Therapeutics

“When my first film role demanded a significant weight loss by a short-term deadline, I decided it was necessary to consult a nutritionist: Lisa’s name, time and again, was at the top of everyone’s list. With her detailed program, hands-on guidance and awe-inspiring wealth of knowledge, Lisa not only made the physical transformation possible, but, more importantly, made it natural, healthy and holistic. Lisa’s work is a must-read for anyone striving to achieve their peak physical performance, be it in sport, art or life.”  

Ben Schnetzer, Actor

The Book Thief


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