• Staying Buffed: The Truth behind the Acidity of Training

    Survival in sport & life comes down to our body’s ability to maintain a narrow range of acidity and alkalinity in the body, in technical terms a pH value of 7.0 when measured in blood and bodily fluids. Fortunately, our body, primarily the lungs & kidneys, do a good job at maintaining pH balance by… Read more »

  • Cramping Your Style

      Muscle cramping has cost athletes great workouts, Olympic medals & probably even our troops during battle. Although cramping can be caused by a number of reasons, nutritionally it is often due to the loss of electrolytes in sweat.   Electrolytes are minerals like sodium and potassium, which are added to most sport drinks. The… Read more »

  • Immune Boosters

    Staying healthy is essential for maintaining your physique especially as the season continues well into the fall and winter flu months. If you’re a triathlete trying to keep the candle lit at both ends, keeping up with mere mortals for late night partying on top of training can quickly take its toll on your health…. Read more »

  • Endurance Training & Recovery Fuel

    When your training is picking up steam, staying energized is key for feeling great as you’re building longer workouts especially if you’re training for a ½ or entire Ironman.. Preventing energy depletion means replenishing sugars in your blood, muscles and liver. Ya don’t have much sugar to spare—only about 60 to 90 minutes worth of… Read more »

  • Performance Nutrition for Training

    Your best training fuel starts with calories, but ultimately depends on the composition of your daily food choices. Carbohydrates, fats and to a lesser extent protein are used for training. However training intensity and duration, fitness level, previous and present diet, amount of daily stress and sleep will all impact the fuels you use on… Read more »

  • TrueSport: Compete Strong. Play Fair. Achieve More

    TrueSport is powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), bringing action to the idea that sport can and should teach valuable life lessons. Empowering sport participants and enthusiasts of all types and levels with healthy performance strategies in sports and in life, TrueSport is grounded in a solid platform of guiding principles centered on competing… Read more »

  • Ho, Ho, Hoooold on Before Taking that Diet Pill!

    Holidays Weight Gain does NOT Have to Lead to Unsafe Supplement Use It’s that time of year again.  Shopping centers are packed, presents are plentiful, and the smell of pine and candy-cane is in the air.  Along with friends, family, and Holiday cheer comes up-tight office parties, present budgets, and of course; stress.  Though we… Read more »