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Lisa and her team of experts offer Legally Lean© Sports Performance Nutrition & Training Program is a FREE program offered to young, high school & collegiate student athletes, parents & coaches, geared to tackle your questions, concerns and any confusion regarding:

  • Sports nutrition, training, injury prevention
  • Performance Enhancement Drugs (PED) & steroids & unsafe supplements
  • Making Weight for Boxing, Wrestling, Horse Racing, Sailing, Rowing, & martial arts
  • Sports Specific Performance Nutrition
  • Training Table Guidance
  • Eating disorders

Presentations are free to groups which qualify and/or offered by making a donation to Running Friends Forever, the non profit group founded by Danielle Dorfman 2003 to assist student athletes in need worldwide.

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Delicious, fresh custom designed meals to meet your daily physical life & training demands and your performance goals.

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Visit Amazon to purchase one of Lisa’s books. Also visit Tools and Resources Section to visit one of the Legally Lean TM Advisory Board’s website to purchase their books, programs and products.