Legally Lean™ Performance Meals

Stay Tuned for Legally Lean™ Performance Meals and Snacks coming soon to your local farmers market and stores.

legally lean™ farm
Delicious Farm-to-Table meals, snacks and beverages scientifically formulated to meet your daily physical life, training demands and performance goals.Optimal Health for success on or off the field for sport & life


Culinary experts and restaurateurs along with America’s Leading Sports Nutritionist & Author Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, LMHC, FAND, Licensed & Board Certified Expert in Sports Dietetics, Psychology and Certified Performance Coach deliver Performance Nutrition to your table.


Legally Lean™ provides athletes, those striving to be athletes and everyday fitness-minded men & women safe, fast diet programs for achieving a peak physique, optimal health and successful sports performance.


To help men, women, teens and children; families or corporate execs with busy lives and schedules to ensure they are eating healthy, balanced meals to help them reach their personal best in health sport & life.


  • Achieve weight loss or mass gain.
  • Fuel Training or Competition
  • Provide a transition for those desiring vegetarian, paleo, detoxification, pre or post op, or other specialized diets.
  • Ease stomach issues, allergies or sensitivities with delicious satisfying gluten, dairy, additive free selections as desired and required.
  • Help overcome vitamin and mineral deficiencies associated with health issues, medications or poor eating and lifestyle habits.
  • Simplify medically prescribed diets ordered from their medical doctors, nutritionists or coaches.


Get started NOW with 2, 4, 6 or 8 week programs to help jump start your weight loss diet, mass gain program, sport training season, competitive athletic program, healthy eating regimen for health, sport & life.


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