Ho, Ho, Hoooold on Before Taking that Diet Pill!

winter wieghtHolidays Weight Gain does NOT Have to Lead to Unsafe Supplement Use

It’s that time of year again.  Shopping centers are packed, presents are plentiful, and the smell of pine and candy-cane is in the air.  Along with friends, family, and Holiday cheer comes up-tight office parties, present budgets, and of course; stress.  Though we hate to admit it, the Holidays definitely bring their fair share of tension. Along with the craziness of wrapping gifts, traveling, and hosting gatherings comes the endless displays of rich goodies. Fruit cakes, gingerbread cookies, honey glazes hams and more are everywhere this time of year…not to mention the array of seasonal cocktails and spirits.  The combination of stress and tempting sweets can lead to some serious binge eating, and of course, the inevitable winter weight gain. 

With New Years on the fast approach, cocktail dresses and slim fitting suites may be on your horizon, making the pressure to lose those extra lb’s even greater.  With the time crunch on your mind, you may be tempted to try a quick fix; diet pills. With the weight loss industry grossing $20 billion per year , it is no secret people are being pushed and pressured to use stimulants and supplements to shed weight fast.  Top diet pills may contain dangerous stimulants and ingredients which can cause way more damage than good.  According to Women’s Health Magazine (WomensHealth, the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) instituted a voluntary recall of the popular weight-loss supplement OxyElite Pro due to a pending investigation of several cases of liver failure and acute hepatitis experienced by several people using the diet pill.  In the past few months the DOH received reports of close to one dozen cases of acute liver inflammation and failure suffered by people using the product between May and September 2013.  Since the investigation opened, the DOH has found close to 20 more cases of similar symptoms experienced by those who have used the product; two of which needed a liver transplant and one who unfortunately passed away.

Similarly, came out with a report on the dangers of DMAA; a potent ingredient found in supplements such as Jack3d (a stimulant pre-workout), and again OxyElite Pro. According to the reports, DMAA can cause shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, cardiovascular complications, chest tightening, and even heart attack.

We all understand how tempting the claims and promises these supplement companies advertise can be; especially after the long month of over-indulgence and belt-loosening. However, before you jump on the diet pill bandwagon, do your research.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, raise concern, and do your homework. Though it sounds cliché, there really is no “magic pill”; a healthy, clean diet, full of fresh and nutrient rich delicious food, along with proper exercise is the true way for long lasting and safe weight loss.  Of course the stress and treats of the Holiday can wreak havoc on a lean body, but that is nothing a few good weeks of proper nutrition and training will not fix. So don’t stress about your stress! Enjoy the Holidays, your loved ones, family, even the occasional egg nog latte, (try the 80/20 rule!) and ring in the New Year happy.

For more information on tainted supplements, go to ­The FDA’s website at

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